Tank, Guarding The Treats

Tank, Guarding The Treats 💕 💕 He's never far from the food, no wonder he likes hanging with me!


4 cups GoodFor desiccated coconut 
1 cup pure coconut cream 
1/2 cup raw virgin Cathedral Cove Naturals Coconut oil 
2 tablespoons Bettasweet (this is a stevia/erythritol blend)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Pinch Himalayan salt
1 tsp BioBalance beetroot powder
1 tsp BioBalance cranberry powder

I'm a food processor, blend desiccated coconut on its own for approx 10 minutes until it gets really creamy. Add the coconut cream, melted coconut oil, Bettasweet, lemon & salt & blend again until well combined.
Spread 1/3 of the mixture in a lined baking tin, then put this in the freezer. Remove another 1/3 and set aside. Add the cranberry powder to remaining mixture in the food processor & blend for about 30 seconds. Spread this over top of the first layer then put back in the freezer.
Put the last third back in the food processor, add beetroot powder & blend. Spread this final layer over then put back in the freezer for a few minutes to set.
Cut into squares & store in the fridge.

By: Sunniva

My mission is to encourage and inspire people to be their healthiest self, to be full of energy and vitality and find a lust for life. I believe this is the best foundation we can have to go on and do incredible things, because let’s be honest – you can’t take over the world when you’re sick and exhausted! I can fully attest that the amount of energy you have is directly connected to your level of success, so focus on raising your vibration and see what magic unfolds.


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