Natural Skincare – How & Why Its So Important!

I got holistic facialist Romy Burgess to weigh in on this topic because I freaking love natural skincare for so many reasons, one unexpected one was going from about 7 or 8 different skincare products to just 2 . When minimalism is such an important part of your life this is a big deal! Not to mention all the icky chemicals in most products. Anyway - over to Romy


Your journey to amazing skin can seem like it is taking you a lifetime. And often those quick-fix products, you know the ones – those which have 30 minute infomercials dedicated to them, basically telling you you’re a better person by using them – can seem all too appealing, when you’ve been battling with adult acne for far too long.

But please, as a holistic facialist and natural skincare advocate, I’m literally begging you to put down the foaming face wash, and reassess your skincare regime.

Perhaps you don’t even have a skincare regime (or as I prefer to call it, ritual) yet. Perhaps washing your face before crashing into bed at night feels like the absolute last thing you want to spend time doing, potentially wasting 10 minutes of crucial beauty sleep.

I’m here to educate you otherwise – looking after your skin, and using products that nourish, protect and love your skin, naturally, is hands-down the best thing you can do for your skin health and wellness in the long run. Ultimately, what a lot of the harsh (read: cheap) and chemical-laden products can be doing to your skin is stripping it of its natural oils, and taking it out of its natural rhythm and flow. Just like your hormones, your skin has its own systematic ways of working – by tuning in to it and listening to it carefully, you’ll quickly start to understand what its different messages are trying to tell you.

Breakouts, redness, dehydration and sensitivity, are all messages from your system that you should be listening to. What they are telling you will be specific to you, so see what feels best on your skin and to your body and overall wellness. Ultimately, your skin reflects your inner health and wellbeing, and is as much a showcase of what you are using topically, as well as what you are eating and how you are speaking to yourself.

It’s 2017 baby, and wellness is so the new black (and it has been for a while!). Jump on board the wellness train and convert your beauty cabinet so it starts to somewhat look like a kitchen-come-beauty-pantry. Because, just like sipping green smoothies and daily kombucha is good for you, using natural products on your skin is, in the long run, only going to increase your own personal beauty glow.

Here are my top 3 tips, to help guide you in starting your own Natural Skincare Ritual.


The term ‘natural’ can be thrown around a little like confetti these days. Brands use this word to entice consumers, like you, who’ve just read an article on why you should be using natural products on your skin. But, just like reading food labels, make sure you read your skincare labels too. If there is a list of ingredients a paragraph long, typically I would suggest avoiding this, in your quest to ‘naturalise’ your skincare ritual.


Oil is literally your skin’s BFF. Even if you have oily skin – you may’ve heard the rumours, and they are true – oil is going to help balance out your skin’s own oil flow, while nourishing, moisturising and feeding it with a mega-dose of skin-loving nutrients at the same time. But again, just like the oil you eat, not all oils are created equal. Once an oil is treated with heat, it becomes damaged and produces free radicals. Which, just like in your body, can wreak havoc on and damage your skin. Always choose organic, cold-pressed oils to ensure you’re getting the most potent dose of antioxidants and nutrients for your skin. Hemp, rosehip, tamanu, sea buckthorn and sweet almond oils are my favourites for everything from cleansing to hydrating to balancing and soothing inflammation and breakouts.


There are literally so many everyday things you will find in your kitchen, that can be brought into your beauty and skincare rituals and produce amazing results. Raw honey soothes, exfoliates and brightens your skin, and I often use it as a cleanser or in a mask when my skin needs a little extra glow. Spirulina is an absolute super-food, and when added to a mask gives your skin a powerful dose of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and leaves you with hydration levels that are seriously next level. And if you want a serious glow, try adding a spoonful of turmeric to your weekly face-mask.


As a holistic facialist I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits of a regular self-care skincare ritual. My clients who regularly come to see me (once a month is ideal), see amazing changes not only in their skin but also in how they feel about themselves. My priority is in guiding you to remember your own importance and self-worth. By prioritising regular self-care, you are not only nourishing your skin but also your soul. You may remember your facial at the end of a busy Wednesday at work and think “how am I going to fit this in?”, but come the end of it and you’ll see just how rejuvenated you feel and how the rest of your week becomes that much more optimised and manageable. Bonus, your skin will thank you for it.
As you can see, natural products come in all shapes and sizes, and range from seemingly basic items you will find in your kitchen, to beautiful and bespoke, carefully curated, small-batch high-end product ranges. Choosing what’s right for your skin comes down to purity, and ultimately knowledge from your skin health professional or facialist. Look for a facialist who specialises in natural skincare and skin health, and ask for their advice. One of my absolute favourite things to do is teach people about the benefits of using natural products on their skin and helping them tailor a skincare ritual that will treat their skin the best. Slow beauty is a thing, and stems from natural skincare – natural skincare doesn’t promise you immediate results, but by choosing to use natural skincare you are really showing yourself and your body some serious love, patience and kindness.

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By: Sunniva

My mission is to encourage and inspire people to be their healthiest self, to be full of energy and vitality and find a lust for life. I believe this is the best foundation we can have to go on and do incredible things, because let’s be honest – you can’t take over the world when you’re sick and exhausted! I can fully attest that the amount of energy you have is directly connected to your level of success, so focus on raising your vibration and see what magic unfolds.


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