Hey guys, I’m Sunniva. I’m a serial entrepreneur, property specialist, coach, speaker, author, social media queen, wife and mother from Auckland New Zealand. If you’re easily offended please be aware that this is probably not the place for you. I have a mouth like a sailor and I don’t censor anything I say!

The Daily Raw started about 3 years ago when I got pregnant. I was really sick for months with hyperemesis and gestational diabetes, bedridden and vomiting so much I was throwing up blood.  Conventional treatments did nothing to help, but then we went on vacation to the Maldives where I pretty much lived on raw veggies and fresh tropical fruit – and suddenly started feeling a hell of a lot better.  When I got back home though, I went straight back downhill again, so I did some research and decided to try changing my diet up completely. Within days I went from barely being able to get out of bed to having huge amounts of energy. I probably looked like a crazy person because I was walking around munching on whole cucumbers and celery, but I couldn’t care less – I felt good for the first time in a long time!

After I had my daughter Lily I continued on my health journey and started blogging my journey on here, and Instagram and Facebook. I have invested massive amounts of time and money building on my knowledge and personal development over the past 2-3 years. And I also trained as an alignment coach, which is a real passion of mine. I absolutely love working with my clients, helping them uplevel their business, health and mindset. 


I want to encourage people to be their healthiest self in mind and body, to be full of energy and vitality then use that to leverage massive change in all areas of life. I believe this is the best foundation we can have to go on and do incredible things, because let’s be honest – you can’t take over the world when you’re sick and exhausted! The amount of energy you have is directly connected to your level of success, so focus on raising your vibration and see what magic unfolds. I’ve created a lot of success in many different areas of my life, and I love using this experience to help people uplevel their own results especially in business and in health. Currently I do this through my writing, speaking engagements, and private coaching.

Come connect with me on Instagram, and Facebook, and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!

Sunniva xx


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