13 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Most people simply do not drink enough water on a daily basis. Often by the time we feel thirsty, we're already dehydrated! And because our bodies are approximately 60% water, it compromises our health, energy levels and brain function if we let it get to this point. But despite the fact that we all know we need to drink more, it's easy to get busy and forget so its important to find ways to make it part of our daily habits. Here's some tips to help

1. Get a decent water bottle that you actually enjoy drinking out of. Glass, stainless steel or BPA free plastic are all good options although I personally think its better to avoid any kind of plastic, just because it doesn't contain BPA doesn't mean it doesn't contain other nasty chemicals.
2. Drink before you get thirsty. If you're thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.
3. Keep a bottle of water beside your bed, and as soon as you wake up have at least one or two glasses. Then before breakfast, have a glass of warm water with half a squeezed lemon. This will flush out your system and set you up for the day!
4. Keep another bottle at your desk, and in your car, and anywhere else you spend a lot of time. If it's right in front of you, you're much more likely to drink it
5. Instead of soft drinks, juices and alcohol just have water when you go out for meals or to events. Not only is it better for you, it's a lot cheaper!
6. Eat your water - water rich fruit and vegetables like celery, cucumber, watermelon and papaya can hydrate twice as effectively as just water on its own because of the nutrients they contain.
7. When you're offered a glass of water, always say YES. Even if you're not thirsty
8. Try to drink smaller amounts more often. Your cells are more likely to uptake fluids 
9. Drink 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage, as they are quite dehydrating.
10. Get an awesome straw. My favorite is a thick straight glass straw, it somehow makes any drink I use it with way better! 
11. When it's colder, drink warm liquids like herbal tea and vegetable broth to keep hydrated
12. If your tap water tastes horrible, look into getting a filter or filter jug. I like this one called Fill2Pure because it's a lot cheaper than an in sink option, and it alkalises the water as well as thoroughly filtering it.
13. Don't like the taste of water - or lack of? Jazz it up! This is so easy to do, and makes drinking water way more fun and delicious. We got a Soda Stream recently purely to make sparkling water, and it really does help make you drink more! My 2 year old daughter Lily is always asking for 'bubbles'  and for the adults its a much healthier alternative to having a wine or beer in the evenings but still makes it feel special. Just add various fruits, vegetables and herbs. Here are some of my favorite combinations.
  • Watermelon & Mint - blend with ice then mix with sparkling water
  • Watermelon & Fresh Lime - blend with ice then mix with sparkling water
  • Berries & Rosemary mixed with sparkling water
  • Sliced Cucumber & Mint with sparkling water 
  • Strawberries & Lime mixed with sparkling water 
  • Lemon & Slices of Ginger mixed with sparkling water
  • Fresh Pink Grapefruit juice mixed with sparkling water
  • Passionfruit & Fresh Lime mixed with sparkling water 
  • Blueberries & Lemon mixed with sparkling water 
  • Pomegranate & Rosemary mixed with sparkling water
  • Fresh raspberries and a splash of cranberry with sparkling water

By: Sunniva

My mission is to encourage and inspire people to be their healthiest self, to be full of energy and vitality and find a lust for life. I believe this is the best foundation we can have to go on and do incredible things, because let’s be honest – you can’t take over the world when you’re sick and exhausted! I can fully attest that the amount of energy you have is directly connected to your level of success, so focus on raising your vibration and see what magic unfolds.


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